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The Next Life (primitive minimal music vol.1) (2008)

The title implies repetition in itself, I think. Life is mostly repetitious, with the odd scattering of chaos to throw the proverbial spanner into the works. Cells, the basis of our existence are full of repeated tasks that they need to maintain in order to survive. Molecular existence must be boring! Or, is it? That music should be perceived as repetitive, as you say, might be the whole point. I love listening between the notes and beats as much as I like reading between the lines. Cometa are one of my favourites so, I'm inherently biased but this is an interesting side-project and very good mood food, with its simple, straightforward minimalist electro sound (which I happen to love anyway). I can remember listening to vinyl records and the surface scratches, which were inevitable to various degrees, became part of the music. The allocative form has to have inherent flaws because that is the way of the nature of communication. Music, and other creative artforms, sometimes take this into consideration, and I generally find them more amenable as a result. A kind of 'warts and all' perspective in judgement. All my rambling aside, this is a thoroughly enjoyable and pleasant album. Lovely creativity here and, hopefully in the next life too!-)

Primitive Minimal Music vol.II (2010)

'Primitive Minimal Music Vol.II', is a five track, Instrumental Minimal-Easy Listening Pop album. Sometimes the use of certain Musical Classifications are "Tossed" about rather causally and if One is not careful-- a disservice may be done to an Artist. I am speaking of the Use of the Word "Primitive"....New Comers or Individuals not astute, Musically Speaking, might assume the Context means the Music, is Uncouth, Uncivilized, Savage, or Lacking Sophistication and so forth. In the Instance of this Collection ALL OF THE AFOREMENTIONED ARE FALSE AND GROSSLY INCORRECT! Musically, the Songs are indeed Minimal, depending on the song, no more than 3 or 4 Total Instruments are heard. More strikingly, a Single Instrument becomes a Duo of Two Instruments but in the most sparse fashion. Even Percussion is not immune for example, Percussive Elements are reduced to a Single Drum or Cymbal Ting and etc. This also holds true for Synth replicated, Brass or Sax and/or Keyboard Voices. The Melodies are very Strong but Simple without a lot of Ornamentation. Sometimes there is only a Melody and others a Basic Harmony accompaniment. Likewise, the Primitive Character speaks to very Basic Nature of the Song's Arrangement, Orchestration and Manner of Performance. Track #1, 'Homecoming', Begins the Album on a "Sturdy" and Melodic Note with a Tri-Tone, of Bass Synth, Brass-esque Synth and Percussion Tings. The Song is Dynamic in an Understated and Low Key Fashion. It also sets the Pace for its companion Tracks. As the saying goes, "Less is More" and this Album prove it. :D

Metamatic (2012)

E' istruttivo leggere le recensioni ad albums come questo. Perché pur nell'infinitamente piccolo dell'universo jamendiano si rispecchiano, come in un microcosmo, le tendenze e gli atteggiamenti presenti su scala reale verso la musica colta: dove, essendo difficilmente percorribili le vie mediane, si assumono posizioni che vanno dall'entusiasmo assoluto al rigetto senza se e senza ma. Chi fa musica del genere -praticando un minimalismo rigoroso, senza concessioni al gusto della frase melodica- dev'essere cosciente del rischio e stare al gioco. Detto questo mi schiero, anch'io senza mezzi termini, dalla parte degli estimatori. Non per partito preso, non per aristocratica vogue, ma solo per il fatto di aver metabolizzato -in anni di ascolti dei generi musicali più svariati- l'"estetica del brutto", quella del non sense, e quell'altra -tipica del minimalismo- della ripetitività esasperata dei medesimi moduli sonori. E con ciò è vero pure che non tutto è uguale. Ma questo entra nel sangue.