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A Room Without Walls (2007)

music CANNOT be defined. when you define it, you box it. Music is NOT able to be controlled or labelled. Its essence is FREE and this essence is expressed wisely through souls that understand the essence of music. thankyou.....

A Bush Of Questions Unfinished (2007)

'A Bush Of Questions Unfinished', is a seven track, Electronica Ambient-New Age album. This Album is of the Variety which Listeners who possess an Particularly Acute Sense of Spatial Awareness or{ very Good Music Speakers-- External, Car or Headphone } will be in a Special Treat. :D The Songs in this Collection Distinguish themselves by Featuring an Exceptionally Clear, Crystalline, Synth String Tones. The Melodies are Supremely Sharp and Arranged in a Virtual Sonic 3-D-Surround Sound Fashion. The Quality is so "Clarion-like that music sound Extraordinary even on Mediocre Speakers or Computer Via Sound Cards. Vocals are heard but are more in the Realm of Snippet Vocalizations and Voice Overs although Track #4. 'All Which Seem Real', Features a Unique Male Vocal that is Subtly Electro Enhanced Counter Balances the previously mentioned "Crystalline" Sound. Track #6. 'The Sadness Of Birth', gives Listeners a Predominantly Percussive Work with Mixture of Synthesized Strings that come across in a Futuristic yet Tribal Manner. It reminds me of a Primitive Native African of Australian Aborigine Stringed Instrument. Ultimately, this is a Unique Collection of Compositions where Listeners will hear something New with each Playing of the Songs.

You Are My Sad Love (2007)

A gorgeous cacophany of voices cascade into your ears, then the track comes into play to find an equilibrium that echoes its fortitude in the face of adversity, Changeless it is. The Circus Around Us beats resonating beautifully, then the progressive minimalism comes into play. I like to call it complex. But then, so is the circus. Nice track, vocals mimimalist as well, which is cool with me (as usual). Maybe that's AKheon's 'lush'. And, so it dissipates and minimalises the minimalism, then a reprise which was a surprise!-) Krautrock tingles the senses and teases you into liking it, then it brings you the rock in its diminuitive form and it works really well, taking the essence of form and stretching it out to its' maximum tolerance. Nice ending. An Ocean Of Words (OK sometimes my 'reviews' get a bit out of hand, j'accuse...) is like a long goodbye, a plaintive yearning for epiphany even. Quite insubstantial but disproportionately effective. Good sound management. Across The Water. Here, in England everything seems to be about being 'across the water', but being on an island is an advantage sometimes and water can be so temperamental around our coasts. The track is nice and buoyant, lush indeed!-) Then there is the eponymous title track, You Are My Sad Love. It is really nice, like bisexualism in binary. Quaintly plaintive. Puppy dog eyes, done well:-) I've Been Here Before comes back with firm assertiveness, some of us have indeed and so will continually, and even if it produces such beautiful music as cometa does, then it would have been worth it surely. It has a very good atmosphere from what seems to be so little when you try to examine it. Subatomic minimalism, that will be the next genre. Disappear seems quite sinister but in such a disarming manner, it's not quite clear what the mood seems to connotate, if anything. It is very calm, perhaps in the sense of a lucid confirmation, a resolution to do just that. You, or do you mean me. A miniscule fanfare to being who you are, in whatever configuration, a tribute to the self and a good album. Thanks for sharing the moments.

Songs From The Dust (2007)

'Songs From The Dust', is a 12 track, Electronica-Ambient-Techno-Pop Crossover album. This collection is an Extraordinary on several levels. First as a Crossover-Multi Genre Work-it has successfully managed to integrate the Styles seamlessly. It is never clear where one ends and the other begins so that the Emphasis is sole on the Music and not debating what kind of Music it is. The Voice of Acoustic Guitar is executed with Crystal Clarity while Male and Female singer's Vocals merge so completely with the Sound that there is no competition between Melody and Harmony. Other times Synthesizer is used to Great Effect and gives the album Elegance. Track #2 'Theres A Black Hole In My Life', exemplifies the aforementioned characteristics. Piano, Synth, Guitar and Voice literally Become One Sound. Track #3. 'A Little Life', Rocks the Electronica Vibe to greater extent with a Prolonged but Sharply and Precisely played Synth Keyboard Riff that loops and loops until Faint Male vocals intertwines in the Sound with almost Mystic Results. Track #8. 'Dust', also has a Synth Keyboard Intro but where Track #3 is Mystical---A Futuristic or Extra Dimensional Feeling Pervades when the Phantom Vocals Engage. Track #10. 'Through', Acoustic Strings perform with Softness tempered with Steel in this track which shifts gears from Electronica. Listen for the Vocals to Float in a Seas of Echo Effects and Electric Piano Melody. Track #12. 'The Ruins of My Life', defies Genre and is simply a Beautiful Sonic Poem. A well Thought and Executed Volume of Emotional yet Technically Superb songs.

Not Forever (2008)

'Not Forever', is a 10 track, Instrumental, Experimental-Electronica album. I can not stress enough that these Songs are Pure Electronica but they are not the Typical Techno, Trance or even New Age Electronica-Ambient. This music "feels" Alien or perhaps like Music from a Insect Civilization of Ants or Bees if One can Imagine they create Music. The Actual Sound of some of the Tracks is Insect-like but more of a Bee-like Hum not Drone but at other times the Essence is a cross between Electronic and Electrical Hums, Crackles and Hisses. Ambient Sounds of Nature are also heard; Wind and Water for example. But this does not mean that Music in the Accepted sense is lacking. In fact some tracks are quite Melodic and Stunningly Lovely to hear. Track #2. 'The Leaves Are Green', Features Electronic-Electrical and Experiemental Tones before a Shockingly Melodic Futuristic yet Minimalist Synthesizer Melody is heard. Track #3, 'Out In the Void', Has Bright "Bauble-like Tones that Have a Metallic-Bell-like Voice similar to a Celeste but not quite as Metallic. Perhaps more of a Crystal as Water Filled Wine Glasses. Track #6. 'Poetry Blanked', is yet another Minimalist, Synthesizer Based, Chime Voiced work. Track #10. 'Ants and Bees', is Simply Melodic, Lyrical and Alien in its Otherworldly Beauty. This is an excellent Conversation Generating album and while it may not be "understood" by everyone-is nonetheless a Fine Collection of Ultra Modern Works.

Ralph and Robert (2009)

Une musique très intériorisée, pleine de délicatesse et de fragilité qui semble faite de la matière même des souvenirs enfouis comme des rêves éveillés. Les structures répétitives ont paradoxalement une apparence incertaine et vaporeuse, une persistance vacillante qui fascine la pensée. J'y reconnais dans l'esprit des traces de mélopées shamanique, ou m'évoquant les textures rythmiques de Moondog, et les synthés planant de Steve Reich. Une belle réussite, tant la musique parait simple, humble, minimale dans son sens le plus abouti.

Music from a Dusty World I (2009)

Sono piacevolmente sorpreso dalla fantasia compositiva contenuta in quest'album, ma forse ancora di più lo sono per i bellissimi intrecci delle musiche (che spesso incedono in modo ossessionante... come io amo!) e l'alta qualità della timbrica sonora. Insomma... potente, sognante, bello!

Sound Shapes (2009)

Sans atteindre toutefois l'élégance indescriptible d'un Gavin Bryars pour le domaine symphonique, ou la richesse éblouissante d'un Ligeti, cet album reste malgré tout convaincant dans sa démarche. Comparé à ce qui suit (Distant Worlds, Dissolving Big Dreams in many Drugs, visiblement victimes d'une ambition hypertrophiée), cette suite particulièrement dépouillée, s'attelant avec humilité au travail de la texture sonore, séduit particulièrement par l'attention portée à l'espace acoustique et à la finesse relative de ses constructions. Un résultat fascinant et d'un intérêt remarquable.

Distant Worlds (2010)

Waves Inside is a busy place. Like inside a city or workplace... Koan is outstanding. The repeating rhythm and sounds causes a hypnotic trance like state that makes Distant Worlds an interesting place. Mu really cool! Haiku sounds like a relaxing bit, very quite. This is very much enjoyable, that…spellbinding!

Live into a Minimal Way (2010)

Cette musique vous prend Elle vous emmène avec elle D'abord avec douceur puis avec entêtement Elle vous envoûte, vous habite Mais on ne sait jamais où elle veut nous conduire Et c'est quand elle s'arrête que l'on se rend compte qu'elle nous berçait de manière indispensable Cette musique nous ramène vers l'essence fondamentale de la transe, tantôt en nous plongeant au plus profond de nous, tantôt en nous extirpant de notre matérialité. Bravo Cometa pour l'ensemble des albums sur Jamendo !

Dissolving Big Dreams in many Drugs (2010)

This album was very interesting and a little unusual . . . I am not very knowledgeable about what the album was all about or what the concept was . . .but it is very good . . . The music was new to my ears . . . especially "Angelo is Moondogging" with such an unusual sound that it would be impossible to classify except as experimental . . . I was intrigued in the first place by cometa's remark: "his desperate world filled with the echo of the penis, in constant fall, seems to suck us in an absolute vacuum. It remains our loneliness, our attempt to stay afloat in an ocean of illusions waiting for some form of liberation." which said to me that our egos are always hungry and get between us and our absolute contact with other humans . . . The music was creative and poetic and very appealing to me as I listened with absorption . . . All the songs were unique, eclectic and especially inventive. As with "Evaporate" which was a minimalistic tune and yet so fascinating, I was completely absorbed by it . . . Excellent listen!

Gogole (2011)

I parnassiani sostenevano l'idea di un'arte "dura come un diamante", chiusa in se stessa, del tutto autosufficiente rispetto alla realtà. A suo modo questo lavoro risponde in pieno a questi canoni. Non è ruffiano. Si sprigiona dalla musica un effetto straniante, tutto emana una luce fredda, ghiacciante: a tratti sembra di trovarsi in un quadro di De Chirico, talaltra in un teatro dell'assurdo o in un racconto di Kafka, dove tutto comunque procede implacabile nonostante l'improbabilità della situazione. Anche il dolore qui appare algido, una nota sottesa che senza urlare ti prende pian piano: come una tramontana tagliente, di quelle che ti tagliano la faccia senza che te ne accorga. Meraviglioso

Minimal Distress to the Painting of Myself (2011)

Assolutamente straordinario. Implacabile visione tradotta in suono di ciò che sta fuori...e ci tormenta e di ciò che sta dentro..e ci tormenta, La mente che mente(citazione)..Ma non ci saranno segnali premonitori, ne vie di fuga o strade da percorrere, nè fuorì nè dentro....tutto è già qui ed ora...basta svegliarsi dal sogno. Sforziamoci di fare un passo oltre come...ascoltare questo album...potremmo solo accogliere buone cose.(scusate il mio sermone)...Ciao Cometa...bravissimo e ispirato.

A Dark Nirvana in your Home (2011)

(Dark Nirvana) Extraordinary! This was drone-like and a near-meditative piece. With a poetry reading . . . a voice floating through . . . smooth and cool and ever so remote. I felt bathed in cool waters and distanced from a grim and dark horror, as if I were observing something through a dream . . . an abyss between me and a consuming flame climbing through the darkness. Really a very pleasant listen, calming and unobtrusive . . . something that calms yet resonates enjoyably . . . giving space to be creative or dream. (Trash Compactor) an avant-garde pièce . . . which explored differing dissonances, sounds and expressions . . with a pleasant result . . . it made me think of the flotsam and jetsam in life . .. the things we catch in the corners of our eyes . . . an occasional voice came out of the blue . . . floating through the periphery . . . a quiet ride . .. through the night . . . sometimes a little surreal . . . which I like! Great sounds with an overall excellent and careful composition for both pieces. Two great works of art . . .

Aural (2012)

je lève une partie de ma tête une partie de ma pensée un voile de conscience par paquets de percussions se place en désordre les mots et les phrases les impressions je lève un autre partie de sens juste assez pas trop pour comprendre et continuer ma partie d'univers se place avec ceux des autres une vibration de temps en temps et la lumière demande à naitre à apparaitre à se colorer se montrer une voie chante une belle blanche noir … la couleur LA COULEUR qui crie sans craindre la puissance des dires la lente apparition du tout barbouiller de plaisirs de regards de voir de vent d'espace qui se prolonge qui se prolonge à ne savoir où les lois rendent les registres inutiles les arrêt sont devenue futile comme des jambes sans genoux le sans sens est partout pour tout et en tout les dangers prennent place

Live at Space Club (2012)

Minimalistic and sometimes spacey; cool and yet vibrant with bell-like sounds and mysterious vocals . . . To go deeper into the album is to go deeper into the soul of the dream . . . finding the pathway through the maze, through darkness and light . .. walking through fields of stars and flowers . . . it is a search through life and death and a culmination in existence . . Excellent and pure, like water . . . a beautiful experience !

The Garden (2013)

The Four Songs in this Collection have, in my opinion, a distinctly Mystical or Magical Feeling shaped around Electronica Tone Poems. Track #3. 'Black Land' mixes Computer-esque Background Effects with Deep Synth Bass and African-like Bell Melody. Title Track( #1. ) 'The Garden' blends a Cool Synth Woodwind-esque Melody with Ghostly Synth Vocals and eerie Piano. Unusual and Enjoyable Sounds!

Somewhere Sometimes (Live) (2015)

This is a Lengthy Collection in terms of Number of Songs as well as Duration of the Tracks. Point being this is a Collection that Listeners will do well to sit and take their time to listen. This said the overwhelming Mood is Dark( in addition to being Electronic ), Moderately Slow and Thoughtful. In short these are Tone Poems; some with a slight Classical Feeling( Track #1. 'A Mente Lucida') while others have a World Beat or Native Style (Track #3. 'Cirrus'). Track #9.'Notturno#1' has a mixture of seemingly everything. It might even be thought of as "Experimental". Audition for yourself.

Serendipity (2015)

… et le huit Et le non Le même Dans les sens Je ne regrette rien Se qui rime avec tout Une torture infinie Au centre C’est le centre Au centre C’est toujours le centre Sans commentaire profond Une boucle d’oreille Une boucle Sous la bouche Un bec verseur à saveur … et le huit Et le oui Pas pareil Et contraire et cliniquement ouvert Dans un seul sens Je regrette C’est l’hymne des flous Fermer la nuit Un centre d’achat Un centre centimètre Sur les bords Le centre au bord du centre De la centrifuge À la gloire de eux De deux De deux fois quatre … et le huit

La Materia (soundtrack) (2015)

Un saut dans les sens Dans les sons des bonheurs Un sillon sinueux me chante Une peau qui frissonne qui me touche Un esprit qui foisonne et qui me parle Des songes qui montent et me guident Qui migrent Dans les creux des rides et des sourires Mon corps s’incline Mon corps chancèle J’ouvre mes yeux encore plus grands J’ouvre mes bras pour que le vent me retienne Un saut dans les sens Je me rends où je dois aller Je me donne par instant À pleurer Pour me retrouver dans mes origines Celle que j’ai trouvée quand j’étais petit Un saut dans les sens Dans tous les sens J’étais père et mère de mes idées J’étais prêt à tout abandonner Même mon nom Un saut dans les sens Mes sentiments que j’ai trouvés Réjean Desrosiers ( Réj Rosiers )

Osservazioni Minimali (2015)

Un Ligeti senza le morbidezze sonore che -al di là delle dissonanze più ardite- ne rendono piacevole l'ascolto, uno Stockhausen in pieno furore sperimentalistico, una ricerca timbrica che ricorda talora gli strumenti "preparati" di Cage:mescolate il tutto ed otterrete quest'album, fuori da qualsiasi coro. E' persino commovente vedere gli album di questo Artista accanto alle altre centinaia di insulsaggini blande, stucchevolmente commerciali, da sottofondo postprandiale che vengono pubblicate mensilmente su questo sito. Un atto di fede nell'intelligenza della comunicazione da parte di chi non vende comunicazioni banali.

Cometa Quintet - Informale (2016)

Concezione -come al solito granitica- da cui tutti i brani traggono origine ed in cui trovano unità. Un magma di moduli sonori con colori strumentali cangianti, percussioni ipnotiche. L'apoteosi dell'astrazione musicale, tra jazz e minimalismo.